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"We consider the long term impacts of every part of the design and construction process in order to ensure a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for our customers."







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Eco Interior Design

Interior Design is a large part of creating and healthy and sustainable home. The sustainable Interior Design uses products and materials that are eco friendly and healthier to have in your home.

interior 11Our experianced and talented Eco Interior Designers will work with you to create the kind of interior that is both healthy and nurtures those who live in it. They take great care to use sustainable and healthy materials, techniques and technology for every step of the process.

By sourcing only green and healthy components for the interior of your home they insure the integrity of the process and the quality of the results. They are a critical part of creating both a eco friendly home and a home that provides a healthy environment for your whole family.

kitchenWe maintain your smart home infrastructure and take care to maximize the energy and sustainability benefits of your interior design.Forethought at this stage can pay huge dividends in the quality and comfort of your home now and into the future..

Finishing Touches

bathroomTo us there is nothing as beautiful as simple details done perfectly. So we take care to ensure that there are only natural and non toxic materials used in all the finishing processes for your interiors. We can even offer you guidance in equipping and furnishing your home to avoid importing toxins and to optimize the operational efficiency of your home. Our designer not only helps you to craft your interiors but also helps you select products that minimize your health risks and optimise your well being.

Solid Natural WoodInterior Maintaince

Our designers also will give you our manual for healthy cleaning and maintanace practices for your home. In this manual are dozens of healthy solutions that reduce your exposure to toxins and carcinogens in your home. Many of these you can make yourself and same not only your health but money as well.


Natural Buildings design team also offers staging services for those who are preparing to sell or rent thier home. Our staging team can help you move your home faster and increase your bottom line.

Our Eco services include  designcoaching and consulting, project managment, construction, interior design and landscpae design services.

So just give us a call to talk about your project.


Latest Projects

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Small Carbon Footprint Structures

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We Design and Build Zero Footprint Shelters that heat and cool themselves, collect thier own water, grow your food and even process waste. The ultimate self sufficient home that has almost no carbon footprint.


Healthy Homes For Your Family

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All the homes we build are built with natural materials that do not bring toxins or carciogens into your home like conventional constuction does. We use materials that have very low or no VOC's and building materials
that come from our natural world.


Our Eco services include  designcoaching and consulting, project managment, construction, interior design and landscpae design services.


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