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"We consider the long term impacts of every part of the design and construction process in order to ensure a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for our customers."







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Sustainable Design Services

At Natural Buildings we craft thoughtful and sustainable smart homes. We design solutions that help you make efficient use of your solar income. We explore all your sustainable energy options. We use selective materials, such as low VOC adhesives, paints and stains to reduce hazardous toxins in your home. We also search for products that are produced sustainability. For example, bamboo flooring is a sustainability harvested product that is as hard as oak flooring and can be replenished much faster than trees. We also help you to recycle or reuse any leftover building and packaging materials, leaving little or no waste for the landfill.

To be certified by Energy Star, a home needs to be tested to be at least 25% more efficient than a typical home built to code. Many of our home designs have proven to be at over 50% more energy efficient than conventionally built homes. Of course every project is unique but we typically incorporate dozens of smart home features in our projects. We specify the latest in highest efficiency insulation, heating and cooling systems and water heaters that are extremely efficient. We maximize the use of natural light in our designs and all light fixtures are Energy Star with compact fluorescent and other high efficiency bulbs. We make use of timers and occupancy sensors to reduce your unneeded lighting costs. For additional water and energy savings, we use dual flush toilets and low flow fixtures. We can incorporate rain water harvesting systems for additional reserve water supply. We always design in water quality processing that insures a healthy water supply for your family. We also incorporate air quality systems that remove unwanted irritants and toxins from your air supply.

We have tested hundreds of eco building products and materials and we only recommend products that have proven to be effective over time. This way we can have confidence in the solutions we recommend. 

Our Interior Designers are also available when you want to rent or sell your home. We can provide you with a Home Staging Report with recomendations that can help you sell your home faster and for more money. See our Staging Page for details.

Our Eco services include  designcoaching and consulting, project managment, construction, interior design and landscpae design services.

So just give us a call to talk about your project.


Latest Projects

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Small Carbon Footprint Structures

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We Design and Build Zero Footprint Shelters that heat and cool themselves, collect thier own water, grow your food and even process waste. The ultimate self sufficient home that has almost no carbon footprint.


Healthy Homes For Your

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All the homes we build are built with natural materials that do not bring toxins or carciogens into your home like conventional constuction does. We use materials that have very low or no VOC's and building materials
that come from our natural world.


Our Eco services include  designcoaching and consulting, project managment, construction, interior design and landscpae design services.
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