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About Us

Natural Buildings is all about creating healthy and environmentally responsible homes that provide a low overhead while meeting the needs of its inhabitants.


We consider the long term impacts of every part of the design and construction process in order to ensure a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for our customers.


We go to great lengths to source and impliment green technologies that make sence economically and environmentally in order to provide our clients with beautful and functional space while ensuring thier peace of mind.





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About Us

From the beginning, Natural Buildings made a commitment to crafting healthy and sustainable structures. We offer architects, contractors and homeowners an option to build and remodel in a new, smarter way. We educate our clients, so you can learn about the process of creating your own eco home from planning and construction methods to green materials , using passive and active solar systems as well as a multitude of infrastructure efficiencies all attainable with a little preplanning and forethought. 

Our consultants not only have a lot of personal experience to draw upon but they are always looking for new and innovative approaches to sustainable design from here in Canada and around the world. This year alone we have been involved with several courses and field trips including a trip to the Findhorn Eco Village in Scotland where they have sustainable community workshops and the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair in Wisconsin for their programs on green building technology. Last year we were invited to the Sustainable Architecture conference in Cambridge and we have participated in several eco structure case studies. Our consultants all have hands on experience with sustainable solutions but they are also constantly exploring what is new and successful in the sustainable construction field and they bring that knowledge and experience to the projects we undertake at Natural Buildings. 

We have utilized a variety of green construction techniques in our projects such as straw bale, cord wood, timber framing, SIPS, and ICF, bermed earth which all have specific benefits and are appropriate to some of our projects.

But we start with your objectives and your vision of the lifestyle you want to live before we design any solution as we feel that ones home should fit its occupants like of glove.

Our Services are designed to help develope your project in a way that meets your needs while respecting and optimising environmental performace and optimal health objectives.


Latest Projects

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Small Carbon Footprint Structures

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We Design and Build Zero Footprint Shelters that heat and cool themselves, collect thier own water, grow your food and even process waste. The ultimate self sufficient home that has almost no carbon footprint.


Healthy Homes


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All the homes we build are built with natural materials that do not bring toxins or carciogens into your home like conventional constuction does. We use materials that have very low or no VOC's and building materials
that come from our natural world.


Our Eco services include  designcoaching and consulting, project managment, construction, interior design and landscpae design services.


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