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Natural Buildings is all about creating healthy and environmentally responsible homes that provide a low overhead while meeting the needs of its inhabitants.


We consider the long term impacts of every part of the design and construction process in order to ensure a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for our customers.


We go to great lengths to source and impliment green technologies that make sence economically and environmentally in order to provide our clients with beautful and functional space while ensuring thier peace of mind.




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Natural Buildings

With rising energy prices and a growing demand for healthy homes and eco-friendly construction, more and more people are coming around to building green either from the start or as retrofit installations.

There are multiple benefits to building green from health to efficiency to the environmental and social benefits of eco construction methods. It takes a little more time to build a sustainable home but it more than pays for itself in the long term benefits of "doing it right".

This takes planning and research. Natural Buldings has been involved with Sustainable Construction for some time and we have done a lot of critical analysis along the way. We have designed and facilitated a wide variety of eco construction solutions and you can benefit from the varied and vast experience of our sustainable construction professionals.

Natural LightNatural Buldings shelter philosophy is based on creating optimal living space for our clients by applying big picture and long term thinking to every project. We create healthy and sustainable homes.

A great deal of attention has recently been drawn to green buildings: sustainable architecture; energy conservation; low impact construction; and renewable resources. While these initiatives help to preserve our global environment, we must also look at how we can improve the micro-environments inside buildings.

The Invisible Problem - An increasing number of health problems such as asthma, respiratory disease, sleep disorders, headaches, multiple chemical sensitivity and sick building syndrome can be attributed to poor indoor environments. Many of the materials, technologies, mechanical systems, and procedures which characterise current construction are producing the unanticipated effect of unhealthy indoor environments.

ConsultingThrough our design, consulting and project management services Natural Buildings offers homeowners an option to build and remodel in a new, smarter way. We do this by paying the utmost attention to details that encompass your building project. The three main details we concern ourselves with are energy efficient design, healthy home systems and sustainable building practices. 

Energy efficient building promises that the client will have a completed project that will be more comfortable and enjoyable. This also means that your home will cost you less for energy each month, leaving you more money for other things in life. 

Healthy HomesCreating a healthy home is part and parcel of our design process. Research has been demonstrating that indoor air quality in many homes and businesses is much worse than our outdoor pollution issues. But this can change! Through the use of toxin free and natural materials and extensive attention to air and water quality considerations in design and construction of your home we create a legacy for your family in the form of sustainable healthy home. We even guide you in how to furnish and maintain your home in ways that insure the healthiest of environment for your family.

Our FutureUsing sustainable or “green” building practices enables the client not only to have a more healthy and efficient home but to do their part to lessen their impact on the earth’s resources. Typical sustainable materials are locally produced, and have lifetime or very long, low maintenance life spans. This leaves the client with more time for things other than home maintenance and the peace of mind that their home will be durable and trouble free for a lifetime.

Natural Buidlings has solutions. So explore this site and all the services we offer to help you create the best possible space for you and your families future.


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Small Carbon Footprint Structures

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We can Design and Build Zero Footprint Shelters that heat and cool themselves, collect thier own water, grow your food and even process waste. The ultimate self sufficient home that has almost no carbon footprint.


Healthy Homes For Your Family

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All the homes we build are built with natural materials that do not bring toxins or carciogens into your home like conventional constuction does. We use materials that have very low or no VOC's and building materials
that come from our natural world.


Our Eco services include  designcoaching and consulting, project managment, construction, interior design and landscpae design services.